Stone Handicap Winners

It appears not to be outdone by their Potteries League Counterparts another Penkhull team appeared in the stone league handicap final for the third straight year (albeit Penkhull B won 2011/12, Penkhull A where runners up 2010/11) Thanks to early wins: Prelim Rnd Rhodes/Sims/Barber drew 4 half each with Tennis B but progressed on the away team rule, Rhodes/Preece/Barnish beat Titt A in the quarters then Rhodes/Barnish/Barber beat Tennis A in the semi finals. The final was won 5 half 3 half with the team of R.Rhodes/N.Sims/K.Barber beating off the challenge of Alchemists to take the title and keep it with Penkhull for another year. Great effort in all rounds from all who contributed thanks folks.

Bradwell Handicap Winners

Penkhull D where winners of this years Bradwell Handicap competition. Captain Ash Turner led the team with other junior Will Pugh and Matthew Willougbhy providing silver wear comes to Penkhull in its last season at St peters

AGM 2013 – Mon 29th April – 7:30pm

Hi everyone!

A belated AGM this year (my fault as it slipped my mind this year).

It will be held on Monday 29th April at 7.30pm at St peters (Penkhull).  We will have the usual agenda, plus how we move forward from September onwards in terms of club nights etc – updates for everyone!

Hope to see you all there.

Junior League 2012/13 – Final Report

Division 1

Winners – Penkhull A (unbeaten all season well done)

Runners Up – Penkhull B

Division 2

Winners – Clayton C

Runners Up – Bradwell C


Many thanks to all teams who entered from all the clubs involved.

Big thanks to Neill Hood again at St Peters which will sadly see us here for the last season this year. I’m sure everyone will agree it’s been a pleasure being looked after by Neill and the school facility which has housed this league for several seasons.

Thanks also to Ash Turner, Sam Barber and all parents/coaches who have helped this year to ensure this league runs in my absence during the sessions. I would say it’s been another success and table tennis in this area remains healthy with many new faces again appearing this year, some familiar ones, and ones to watch for future season.

Many thanks again and see you all next year (venue hopefully and likely to be held at Clayton Hall Business and Language College).

I have not done the averages this year due to the many score cards that just had results written down with no names on either score sheet, so it was impossible to know who had played. Fingers crossed next year we can resolve that one and ensure all the players write their names on all score cards.

Junior League Tables 2012/13 – Final

Division One:

TeamPlayedWonLostSets +Sets -Points
Penkhull A1414067328
Penkhull B14113541622
Bradwell A1486383216
Clayton A1486343116
Bradwell B1468313412
Penkhull C1441025458
St M Ward (*)1431120506
Clayton B142128624

* St M Ward forfeit first month results.

Division Two:

TeamPlayedWonLostSets +Sets -Points
Clayton C109141918
Bradwell C1073401014
Clayton D1064282212
Bradwell D1055242610
Clayton E103719316
Bradwell E104617338
Clayton F102815354
Penkhull D103714366

The final league positions of Bradwell E and Clayton E are based on their respected final sessions play off positions 1-3, 4-6 7-9.

2013 Stone Open Championships

As per every year the Stone and District Open Champs and Handicap K.O. competitions are being held at Penkhull on Weds 24th April. It’s always well supported by Stone League players and well attended by Penkhull players.

Entry to the event is £2 per player (covers both competitions). The Singles Open Champs is usually played in groups then K.O. stages, the Handicap is a straight K.O. Comp with a consolation if time and tables permit. It’s always a wide open event.

Please email if you wish to enter – would be great to get our players in the final again. In the last two seasons we’ve had 18-20 players on the night so please continue to support the event folks! After all, the regular season will be completed and you will all have withdrawal symptoms. If you’ve not played in the Stone League this year you can still enter regardless!

To enter, email Rob at

Stone League 2012/13 – Current Table

Here is the Stone League Tables as things stand:


1St Michaels1312011062324
1Tittensor A131012993121
1Stone Tennis A13706765214
2Tittensor B1230943776
2Stone Tennis B150114221271
2Stone Tennis C13011291211

Handicap League:

Tittensor A540124.520.58
St Michaels430120156
Stone Tennis A510419252
Tittensor B410310.524.52
Stone Tennis C501418271
Stone Tennis B500510350

Chairman’s Half Season Report – 2012/13

As Penkhull Table Tennis Club draws near to the end of its relationship with St Peter’s High School, all teams across the two leagues we compete in have everything to play for in the 2nd half of their respective seasons.  This seems a long way from the club’s humble beginnings!

The A team is playing in the Potteries Premier Division for a 5th year, and is having a stellar season. Most noticeably, the last match of the first half almost produced an upset to rival all upsets. Norton A playing with a slightly weakened team nearly came unstuck running out 7-3 winners with a few close games and a 5 setter which went to Norton. James Ward hit a super hat trick and at one point it looked like Penkhull may steal a point on the night.  They edged ahead in the early part of the doubles taking the first set, only to succumb however to the composure and experience of M.Evans and D.Savage. The A team have again already taken points from all teams except the current top four showing that with a bit more consistency across the team on any night they can give any team a run for their money. Most recently they had a real ding dong night with Bradwell C where they trailed 3-0, took a 5-3 lead and drew in a match that finished at 11.25pm (it did start on time!!) and 8 of the 10 games going the full 5 set distance. The B team are looking to bounce back up and join the A team and currently look on track to do just that after a great first half of the season.  All B Team players are in the top 10 of the averages, so it’s looking good so far for Phil Barnish and co. The C team have had a lot of close games (6-4) and I’m sure with Craig Stott (the clubs shirt sponsor) they can lift themselves for the 2nd half of the season and stay in Division 1 for another year. I’m sure they will be massively helped when Mario Toth returns to a more regular part of the team. The D team playing in Division 2 are also close to the bottom, but again have been on the wrong end of 6-4 results. A much more confident second half I am sure will see this team finish in the mid pack.

The Stone league is close with Penkhull’s only team this year in the top 2 as things stand (there are a few games outstanding), and they will be looking to regain the title they lost last year to St Michaels.

As 2013 draws close an era will end as the venue we have called home for the past 11 years will be no more after July 2013. It is hoped we can move lock, stock and barrel to a venue close by, but this currently has not been set in stone but is certainly looking likely. As 2013 progresses members will be kept in the loop as to what will happen and where the club will find itself for the 2013-14 season. For now folks – let’s try and make the final season at St Peter’s a good one.

Have a fab festive season and rest up, easy on the mince pies, and see you all back down the club in 2013 (Monday 7th Jan first night back)

p.s. folks, Club membership will be due from all players £25 seniors, £10 juniors, so don’t spend up over Xmas and new year!!!! 🙂

Junior League 2012/13 Results – December

Here are the results from the December session (session 2) of the 2012/2012 Junior League.  The League Tables have also been updated on the Junior League Tables page!

Division 1

Round 1

  • Bradwell A 1-4 Penkhull C
  • Bradwell B 5–0 Clayton  B
  • Clayton  A 3-2 Penkhull B
  • Penkhull A 5-0 St M Ward

Round 2

  • Bradwell A 5-0 Clayton  B
  • Penkhull B 0-5 Penkhull A
  • Bradwell B 2–3 Penkhull C
  • Clayton  A 3-2 St M Ward

Round 3

  • Bradwell A 0–5 Penkhull A
  • Clayton  A 1-2 Penkhull C (to finish)
  • Clayton  B 0–5 Penkhull B
  • Bradwell B 3-2 St M Ward

Round 4

  • Penkhull B 3–2 Penkhull C
  • Penkhull A 5-0 Clayton  B
  • Bradwell B 0-0 Clayton  A (to finish)
  • Bradwell A 0-0 St M Ward (to finish)


Division 2

Round 1

  • Clayton  C 4-1 Clayton  E
  • Bradwell E 4-1 Penkhull D
  • Bradwell C 1-4 Haywood
  • Bradwell D 3-2 Clayton  F
  • (Free Clayton D)

Round 2

  • Bradwell D 5-0 Clayton  D
  • Clayton  F 0-5 Bradwell C
  • Penkhull D 3-2 Clayton  E
  • Clayton  C 2-3 Haywood
  • (free Bradwell E)

Round 3

  • Clayton D 2-3 Bradwell E
  • Clayton E 0-5 Bradwell C
  • Clayton C 3-2 Bradwell D
  • Haywood   5-0 Clayton  F
  • Haywood   0-0 Bradwell D (to play)
  • (Free Penkhull D)



Open Champs Update

Due to clashes with other fixtures, the Open Champs were not held on Monday 3rd December, and will be rescheduled for a date in the new year.