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Training and Practice Nights

  • Juniors (Under 18s) – All Abilities – Monday Evenings – 6pm to 7pm 
  • Seniors (18s+, juniors welcome) – Monday Evenings – 7pm to 10pm


 Junior (U16)Senior (16+)Students / OAPs
Club Membership (annual fee)£5.00£10.00£10.00
Clayton Weekly Fee (Members)£4.00£4.00£3.00
Clayton Weekly Fee (Non-Members)£5.00£5.00£4.00

Club members receive League Registration and are eligible for selection for teams (Juniors / Seniors).

Note that use of the Silverdale Match Venue for practice sessions is subject to a fee £100 upfront on a calendar year basis. This only covers training sessions at Silverdale, match fees and club membership charges are still applicable. Training availability for PTTC members excludes match nights, Monday nights (reserved for Bradwell training), and Sunday nights remain prioritised for Bradwell so PTTC members must give way on the main table if Bradwell members turn up. Silverdale match venue is available for use throughout the day up to 6pm Mon-Fri. Evening usage is subject to local league teams which is jointly shared by Penkhull and Silverdale. Weekend usage day and night is permitted. Any misuse of the match venue will result in a ban from its use. Current usage is also subject to any imposed COVID rules and restrictions in place by the Govt and or TTE which PTTC will adhere too.