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North Staffs Schools League 2014/15

The North Staffs Schools League starts soon! This season will kick off in November 2014.  Pools and Schools will be announced soon.

North Staffs Schools League 2013/14 – End of Season Report

16 schools across the region entered this year, well supported by Newcastle and Stoke schools.

Clayton Hall Business and Language and teams from NCHS Wolstanton and Westwood High made it to the semi finals/finals evening after topping their respected groups.

Clayton won the A team comps for the fifth time in its 11 year history whilst NCHS came runners up. Clayton B team lost to Wolstanton in the B team final with Wolstanton winning their first title.

Junior League 2013/14 – End of Season Report

This year’s event was well contested over the four sessions from November to February.  We had 17 teams represented from 4 different clubs in the area – Bradwell YTTG, Clayton Hall TTC, Norton TTC and Penkhull TTC. It was the first year it has been held at Penkhull TTC’s new venue at Clayton Hall Business and Language College. Sessions ran from 10-1pm with some high standards across the two divisions.  An average of 30 juniors attended each session which is fantastic considering Table Tennis is deemed a minority sport. Thank you to all parents and coaches for their hard work and dedication this season.

Division 1 saw Penkhull A retain their title with a near faultless performance over the four sessions. Kingsley Barber and Will Pugh as a team remained unbeaten all season long.  The battle went down to the wire for the runner-up spot with Norton TTC, Clayton A and Bradwell A all in with a shout of runner-up before Session 4 started. The absence of Norton TTC on the last session left it down to two teams to battle it out. In the end Clayton and Bradwell teams won and lost the same number of games therefore it came down to sets difference in which Clayton A managed to sneak by just two extra sets.

Division 2 was also a close affair all season long. Teams played each other once over the first three sessions. The league was then frozen at this point and the final positions from Session 3 led to teams being grouped in threes for final standings. Clayton D were favourites to lift the title after topping the tables but unfortunately for them on the final session they lost to both Bradwell C and D allowing these teams to overtake them.  Bradwell C topped Division 2 with good performances over Clayton D (3-2) and their own D team (4-1) with Bradwell D as runner-up after beating Clayton D (3-2).

A fantastic season with the standard of play appearing to improve year on year across the two divisions. We look forward to another close season next time!

Junior League Session 1 (November 2013) Update

The results of Session 1 of the North Staffs Junior League are in, and the current league tables are now available to view in the Junior League Tables section.

38 players attended, and 16 teams represented 4 clubs across 2 divisions.  There was a great standard on show across both divisions!

Many thanks to all those who gave their time up to help the league get off to a successful start.

North Staffs Junior League 2013/14

The North Staffs Junior League starts soon!

The League takes place on the 2nd Saturday of every Month from November-February. Sign in at 9.45am at our HQ – Clayton Hall Business and Language College.  Play starts at 10am and finishes at 1pm. See Ash, Mark or Steve to be placed in one of the teams. First session will be on Saturday 9th November.

Last year the A team won the league, can they repeat their success this year?  Participation costs £3 each month, payable on the day – lets get some teams in there!

Junior League 2012/13 – Final Report

Division 1

Winners – Penkhull A (unbeaten all season well done)

Runners Up – Penkhull B

Division 2

Winners – Clayton C

Runners Up – Bradwell C


Many thanks to all teams who entered from all the clubs involved.

Big thanks to Neill Hood again at St Peters which will sadly see us here for the last season this year. I’m sure everyone will agree it’s been a pleasure being looked after by Neill and the school facility which has housed this league for several seasons.

Thanks also to Ash Turner, Sam Barber and all parents/coaches who have helped this year to ensure this league runs in my absence during the sessions. I would say it’s been another success and table tennis in this area remains healthy with many new faces again appearing this year, some familiar ones, and ones to watch for future season.

Many thanks again and see you all next year (venue hopefully and likely to be held at Clayton Hall Business and Language College).

I have not done the averages this year due to the many score cards that just had results written down with no names on either score sheet, so it was impossible to know who had played. Fingers crossed next year we can resolve that one and ensure all the players write their names on all score cards.

Junior League 2012/13 Results – December

Here are the results from the December session (session 2) of the 2012/2012 Junior League.  The League Tables have also been updated on the Junior League Tables page!

Division 1

Round 1

  • Bradwell A 1-4 Penkhull C
  • Bradwell B 5–0 Clayton  B
  • Clayton  A 3-2 Penkhull B
  • Penkhull A 5-0 St M Ward

Round 2

  • Bradwell A 5-0 Clayton  B
  • Penkhull B 0-5 Penkhull A
  • Bradwell B 2–3 Penkhull C
  • Clayton  A 3-2 St M Ward

Round 3

  • Bradwell A 0–5 Penkhull A
  • Clayton  A 1-2 Penkhull C (to finish)
  • Clayton  B 0–5 Penkhull B
  • Bradwell B 3-2 St M Ward

Round 4

  • Penkhull B 3–2 Penkhull C
  • Penkhull A 5-0 Clayton  B
  • Bradwell B 0-0 Clayton  A (to finish)
  • Bradwell A 0-0 St M Ward (to finish)


Division 2

Round 1

  • Clayton  C 4-1 Clayton  E
  • Bradwell E 4-1 Penkhull D
  • Bradwell C 1-4 Haywood
  • Bradwell D 3-2 Clayton  F
  • (Free Clayton D)

Round 2

  • Bradwell D 5-0 Clayton  D
  • Clayton  F 0-5 Bradwell C
  • Penkhull D 3-2 Clayton  E
  • Clayton  C 2-3 Haywood
  • (free Bradwell E)

Round 3

  • Clayton D 2-3 Bradwell E
  • Clayton E 0-5 Bradwell C
  • Clayton C 3-2 Bradwell D
  • Haywood   5-0 Clayton  F
  • Haywood   0-0 Bradwell D (to play)
  • (Free Penkhull D)



Open Champs Update

Due to clashes with other fixtures, the Open Champs were not held on Monday 3rd December, and will be rescheduled for a date in the new year.

Penkhull Club Champs 2012/13!

OK folks, it’s that time of year again – the Annual Penkhull Table Tennis Club Championships!

Junior Champs will be held on 26th November – 6.30pm start.

Open Champs (H/cap Comp, Juniors or Seniors) to be held on Monday 3rd December – 7.30pm start – postponed due to fixture clashes – will be rearranged.

Doubles Champs (Junior and Seniors) to be held Monday 10th December – 7.45pm start (after banded league) – also postponed due to fixture clashes – will be rearranged.

Senior Champs (Juniors can enter if they wish) to be held Monday 17th December – 7.30 to 7.45pm start.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Junior League 2012/13 Results – November

Hi all!  Just a quick update on the Junior League.  Below are the results from the November session of the 2012/2012 Junior League.  You can also find the latest League Tables on the Junior League Tables page!

Division 1

  • Bradwell A 2 – 3 Penkhull B
  • Bradwell B 0 – 5 Penkhull A
  • Clayton A  5 – 0 Clayton B
  • Bradwell A 2 – 2 Bradwell B *(Dbls Not Played)
  • Clayton A  0 – 5 Penkhull A
  • Clayton B  0 – 5 Penkhull C
  • Bradwell A 1 – 3 Clayton A  *(Dbls Not Played)
  • Penkhull A 5 – 0 Penkhull C
  • Bradwell B 1 – 4 Penkhull B

Division 2

  • Clayton C  5 – 0 Clayton D
  • Penkhull D 3 – 2 Bradwell D
  • Bradwell C 4 – 1 Bradwell E
  • Clayton E  5 – 0 Clayton F
  • Clayton C  4 – 1 Penkhull D
  • Bradwell C 4 – 1 Bradwell D
  • Bradwell E 1 – 4 Clayton E
  • Clayton D  5 – 0 Clayton F
  • Clayton C  3 – 2 Bradwell C
  • Bradwell D 2 – 3 Clayton E
  • Penkhull D 0 – 5 Clayton D
  • Bradwell E 3 – 2 Clayton F