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New North Staffs Junior Banded and Team Leagues

We are currently in the early phases of planning two different Junior League competitions which will replace our previous Saturday Junior League.

The Team League will be run at Bradwell Youth and Community Centre over four Friday evening sessions, while the Banded League will be run at Penkhull TTC over four Monday evening sessions.

Please download the document found in the link below for more information!

Banded League Document

Summer Training Info

As usual, our regular training venue at Clayton Hall is closed over the summer holidays.  However, the match venue (Silverdale) is available for training whenever a league match isn’t taking place, and can accommodate 3 tables.

Here is an overview of the current availability of the Silverdale venue:

Week commencing 25th July:
Unavailable due to matches Monday/Tue/Weds 25th/26th/27th from 7pm onward.
Players can go up Thursday Friday of this week, or well before 7pm on the match dates.

Week commencing 1st August:

Wed 3rd Aug match from 7pm, rest of week is free all evenings.

Week commencing 8th August:
Mon/Tue/Weds 8th/9th/10th venue in use for matches from 7pm onward.
Thurs/Fri ok for practice or before 7pm on match nights

Week Commencing 15th August:
Weds 17th Aug match night
rest of week free in evenings

Week Commencing 22nd August:

No matches, all nights available.
Week Commencing 29th August:
No matches, all nights available.
Anyone interested in a training night will have to contact a Penkhull member who has a key.  At the moment we don’t have many keys to go around and we will hopefully be getting more cut this week.  Keep your eyes on the website or the Facebook page for details of who has the keys.

Junior League 2015/16 – Final Report

The 2015/16 North Staffs Junior league concluded on the 13th February!

In Division 2 Penkhull E leapfrogged their own D team to claim runners up spot to Clayton D. Whilst in Division 1 Penkhull A were runners up to Bradwell A who beat Penkhull on sets (with the same points after 4 sessions) as they beat Penkhull A on the last match of the season for a nail-biting finale to the league.

Well done to all teams and players good to see some new faces this year!


Junior League Tables – 2015/16 – Final Standings

Division One:

TeamPlayedWonLostSets +Sets -Points
Bradwell A1312161424
Penkhull A1312157824
Penkhull B1486412916
Bradwell B1477313914
Clayton A1477304014
Clayton B1468353512
Penkhull C1431117486
Clayton C1411311592

Division Two:

TeamPlayedWonLostSets +Sets -Points
Clayton D1082391116
Penkhull E1064302012
Bradwell C1055262510
Penkhull D104621298
Clayton E104621298
Clayton F103714366

(final standings)

Penkhull C – 2016 Bradwell Handicap Cup Winners

For the 6th time in only the 15 years the club has existed, we find ourselves again the proud winners of the Bradwell Handicap Cup!

Great night of table tennis saw all 3 Penkhull players (Aleks, Andy and Ash) contribute to a solid win!



All 3 players are pictured with the trophies in their club shirts, sponsored by Lift2befit and Eden Brewery and supplied by Supersport Ltd!

North Staffs Schools Table Tennis League 2015/16

The Schools league is entering its 13th season!  First, I would like to thank the schools that have supported the league and welcome new schools to join this expanding league/sport in schools in our area. The league continues to be sponsored by Penkhull Table Tennis Club who have provided the team trophies for both A and B team events.

The league is very simple you have an A and a B team playing with 4 players per team. They play both singles and doubles at each fixture with points awarded to schools for winning/drawing/losing matches. The top two teams from the two pools will play in a semi final and final day usually played before the end of March. Fixtures will be set from October to the first two weeks after February Half term.

The A teams in the past have been made up of older pupils (Y11) or younger pupils of a higher standard.  The B team is then made up of pupils of any age. It is open to both boys and girls to play and represent their school.

Last years winners of the A team event were Clayton who held off NCHS, Wolstanton and Cheadle to take the title for a record-equaling sixth time, whilst in the B team event Wolstanton picked up their second successive victory beating Clayton B to the title. This year I sense a new A and B team winning the titles making it a wide open event for 2015.

The schools below have expressed intent to play in this year’s league.  The league will be split into four separate Pools with each team playing and arranging their own fixtures. The top A and B team from each pool will progress to the semi finals and finals night (date TBA). Teams have been grouped as best as possible geographically to enable more fixtures to be completed. Schools are encouraged to arrange where possible a three team evening where three schools play each other and complete two fixtures each.  However with more pools and fewer fixtures I would encourage a one match per night and play best of 5 sets to give them more table time per match.

  • Pool A –  Clayton, St Thomas More, Blythe Bridge, St Margaret Ward, Birches Head.
  • Pool B – Westwood, Trentham, Cheadle Academy, Endon.
  • Pool C – Sir Thomas Boughey, St John Fisher,Newcastle Academy, St Josephs.
  • Pool D – Wolstanton, Haywood, Madeley,Excel Academy.

Tables to follow once results come in…..

Information for use by each School (rules, contact details, scorecards) can be downloaded here:


North Staffs Junior Table Tennis League Season 2015/16

PTTC are proud to host and run the yearly event once again with four fixtures to be held at Clayton Hall Academy from 10am to 1pm on the second Saturday of each month.

  • November 14th 2015
  • December 12th 2015
  • January 9th 2016
  • February 13th 2016

Two Penkhull teams are confirmed so far for Division 1

  • A team Torin Cooper/Andy Hou
  • B team Andy Gamage/Bobby Tasker

Other teams will be selected in the next few junior training sessions.

Club Championships 2015/16

Here are the dates for this year’s Penkhull’s Club Championships!

  • Monday 23rd November – Senior Championships – 7:30pm Start
  • Monday 30th November – Junior Championships – 6:30pm Start
  • Monday 7th December – Doubles Championships – 7:30pm Start
  • Monday 14th December – Handicap Championships – 7:30pm Start

Unfortunately, there are some clashes with league matches.  We have tried to minimise this but some are unavoidable.

New Sponsor – Eden Brewery

Penkhull TTC are very pleased to announce one of our new club sponsors as Eden Brewery! Their logo will be on the sleeves of our new shirt! And we highly recommend you visit their site ( and treat yourself to a few great beers!

Eden Brewery Links – Website, Facebook, Twitter


Schools League Report – 2014/15

The 2014-15 North Staffs Schools League was a huge success in its 12th year with 17 schools taking part. Some tight group matches led to a great standard on the semi finals/finals night held at Penkhull TTC’s training venue at Clayton.  A and B teams from Clayton, Wolstanton, Westwood, NCHS and Cheadle battled it out. The B team final was won by Wolstanton for the 2nd year running who beat Clayton B in the final. In the A team event a three way round robin was held with Cheadle A finishing 3rd NCHS came runners up and Clayton A won for the 6th successive year. Next year’s league should be wide open and there could well be some new names on the trophies of the A and B team events as players move up from A to B team and older players leave schools.

Any schools out there wishing to know more about this league please contact Robert Rhodes at Clayton Hall High school for more