July 2016 archive

Summer Training Info

As usual, our regular training venue at Clayton Hall is closed over the summer holidays.  However, the match venue (Silverdale) is available for training whenever a league match isn’t taking place, and can accommodate 3 tables.

Here is an overview of the current availability of the Silverdale venue:

Week commencing 25th July:
Unavailable due to matches Monday/Tue/Weds 25th/26th/27th from 7pm onward.
Players can go up Thursday Friday of this week, or well before 7pm on the match dates.

Week commencing 1st August:

Wed 3rd Aug match from 7pm, rest of week is free all evenings.

Week commencing 8th August:
Mon/Tue/Weds 8th/9th/10th venue in use for matches from 7pm onward.
Thurs/Fri ok for practice or before 7pm on match nights

Week Commencing 15th August:
Weds 17th Aug match night
rest of week free in evenings

Week Commencing 22nd August:

No matches, all nights available.
Week Commencing 29th August:
No matches, all nights available.
Anyone interested in a training night will have to contact a Penkhull member who has a key.  At the moment we don’t have many keys to go around and we will hopefully be getting more cut this week.  Keep your eyes on the website or the Facebook page for details of who has the keys.