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Junior League 2015/16 – Final Report

The 2015/16 North Staffs Junior league concluded on the 13th February!

In Division 2 Penkhull E leapfrogged their own D team to claim runners up spot to Clayton D. Whilst in Division 1 Penkhull A were runners up to Bradwell A who beat Penkhull on sets (with the same points after 4 sessions) as they beat Penkhull A on the last match of the season for a nail-biting finale to the league.

Well done to all teams and players good to see some new faces this year!


Junior League Tables – 2015/16 – Final Standings

Division One:

TeamPlayedWonLostSets +Sets -Points
Bradwell A1312161424
Penkhull A1312157824
Penkhull B1486412916
Bradwell B1477313914
Clayton A1477304014
Clayton B1468353512
Penkhull C1431117486
Clayton C1411311592

Division Two:

TeamPlayedWonLostSets +Sets -Points
Clayton D1082391116
Penkhull E1064302012
Bradwell C1055262510
Penkhull D104621298
Clayton E104621298
Clayton F103714366

(final standings)

Penkhull C – 2016 Bradwell Handicap Cup Winners

For the 6th time in only the 15 years the club has existed, we find ourselves again the proud winners of the Bradwell Handicap Cup!

Great night of table tennis saw all 3 Penkhull players (Aleks, Andy and Ash) contribute to a solid win!



All 3 players are pictured with the trophies in their club shirts, sponsored by Lift2befit and Eden Brewery and supplied by Supersport Ltd!