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Junior League Update – December 2013

Hi folks!  We are at the half way point in the Junior league for 2013/14.  The League Tables have been updated and you can find them here:

Divsion 1 looks like Penkhull A making a getaway at the top, with a slight lead over the chasing pack, but Bradwell A and B, Clayton A and Norton are all still in the hunt. In Division 2, Bradwell C and D are sandwiched between Clayton D and Clayton F, and it looks like they will play out the season final session. Elsewhere in Division 2 it’s close between the rest with some very tight matches.

Reminder that the next session is Saturday 11th January 2014 – can we encourage all players to be there by 10am so we can get started asap.

The next session for Division 2 will see the tables frozen at the end of play and then ranked 1-9 for the playoffs for the last sessions in February.  Division 1 will see teams play each other on the reverse fixtures (all teams play each other twice for final positions).

Thanks to those who helped out at session 2.  Considering the time of year we had a great turnout and an almost full compliment of teams in attendance.