Stone Handicap Winners

It appears not to be outdone by their Potteries League Counterparts another Penkhull team appeared in the stone league handicap final for the third straight year (albeit Penkhull B won 2011/12, Penkhull A where runners up 2010/11) Thanks to early wins: Prelim Rnd Rhodes/Sims/Barber drew 4 half each with Tennis B but progressed on the away team rule, Rhodes/Preece/Barnish beat Titt A in the quarters then Rhodes/Barnish/Barber beat Tennis A in the semi finals. The final was won 5 half 3 half with the team of R.Rhodes/N.Sims/K.Barber beating off the challenge of Alchemists to take the title and keep it with Penkhull for another year. Great effort in all rounds from all who contributed thanks folks.