Junior League Tables 2012/13 – Final

Division One:

TeamPlayedWonLostSets +Sets -Points
Penkhull A1414067328
Penkhull B14113541622
Bradwell A1486383216
Clayton A1486343116
Bradwell B1468313412
Penkhull C1441025458
St M Ward (*)1431120506
Clayton B142128624

* St M Ward forfeit first month results.

Division Two:

TeamPlayedWonLostSets +Sets -Points
Clayton C109141918
Bradwell C1073401014
Clayton D1064282212
Bradwell D1055242610
Clayton E103719316
Bradwell E104617338
Clayton F102815354
Penkhull D103714366

The final league positions of Bradwell E and Clayton E are based on their respected final sessions play off positions 1-3, 4-6 7-9.